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Architectural Genius



The sharp angles and lines of this geometric pool provide an exciting contrast against the beautiful setting it overlooks. A large accent boulder joins the Arkansas flagstone decking to the pool’s infinity dge, and an onyx Pebble Tec® interior finish completes the look.


By combining the topography and local architecture of the Austin area with each client’s wants and needs, Tib Scallon designs truly custom pools.


Building in the central Texas area is fraught with challenges, but Scallon is heavily rehearsed in surmounting obstacles, large and small. Rather than working against considerable elevation changes and solid rock formations above grade and during excavation, the builder incorporates these topographical nuances to differentiate the company’s pools from others.


“What may initially be perceived as a negative turns into a positive. The unpredictable opens doors we don’t even know exist. Suddenly, we are able to see things differently and push past conventional design, Scallon notes. Numerous bodies of water may replace a single oasis, an infinity edge can enhance a breathtaking view or a multi-level deck can foster convenience and add visual depth.


Each pool is accompanied by computer-aided drawings to help convey all aspects of the project to clients. The company uses a variety of natural stones for the hardscape and boulder work, which helps tie a project to the home and its locale. “Many people want to extend the indoor environment of their home to the outdoor living space, states Scallon. “This is our specialty.


This pool, complete with a tiled infinity edge, makes sun showers possible everyday. A copper treatment, Arizona stone in a dry stack pattern and a Polaris Rainfall® create a dramatic focal point over the shallow pool lounge.
Privacy please. A raised wall featuring a tiled façade and slate coping helps to make this pool a secluded retreat. At the far end, infinity edges spill from a spa and a cocktail pool into the main pool, which is finished with Pacific blue Crystalstone.


Scallon Custom Pools relies on in-house crews, tested building techniques and efficient scheduling to ensure the highest quality of gunite pool construction. Once the pool is completed, it is Scallon’s belief that the service aspect of pool building has just begun. The company offers poolside equipment and water chemistry nstruction and a full pool-cleaning service.


This elite pool builder has been featured in numerous national publications and has received many design awards from the National Spa and Pool Institute (renamed the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals) and Best of Shows at various Parades of Homes.